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Views from a new perspective

Have you ever looked at something and said, hmmm.... I wonder what that looks like from above ?

well, with Fly higher drones we answer that for you. We catch Amazing, Beautiful, views from above. The world looks entirely different from a birdseye view, and we bring that to you in stunning full high definition drone videos and still frame aerial photography.

Promotional Video Production

Every business needs promotion, some more than others. We help you tell your companies story thru the eye of a drone. If a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, our videos leave nothing left to say about your company except " I'm Sold where do I sign up "

We can come to just about any location you like to film HD video for your promo video, or multiple locations. We provide High Resolution aerial photography as well if you prefer, or a combination of both. We proudly service Maryland, Virginia, Delaware,and all surrounding states on the east coast but are happy to travel anywhere. 


Fly Higher drones LLC. gives you an entirely new view. We shed a new light on your subject, giving you a view from above thats rarely seen. Take for instance this beautiful church on Marylands eastern shore. From the ground it looks like a wonderful, large, brick church. 

Yet  350' feet above looking down from one of our drones, reveals another story. The Amazing architecture of this church in the shape of a cross, a view the thousands of yearly visitors to St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church rarely see, and may be unaware of .


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Fly higher drones LLC . Aerial photography & Imagi

11a Severn drive, annapolis, MD 21401, us

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