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At Fly Higher Drones LLC. we use the latest Professional grade drones from DJI like the Heavy lift Matrice 600 pro, the industrial grade Matrice 210.  Looking for more  discrete ? How about the Phantom 4 pro. We are not limited to only DJI products , We use other platforms that incorporate Pixhawk flight  controllers . We even have Tethered drones for those situations that require hours or days of continuous flight. 

Our Photographers

Our Drone Pilots are FAA Part 107 certified, and have hundreds of hours of experience flying, capturing the exact images you need.

We have spent years learning our trade and perfecting our skills.

Why Us?

Fly Higher Drones has been around since the start of the Commercial drone industry.

Our pilots have flown in almost any situation imaginable , for hurricane relief, to post fire/disaster. weddings, large scale traffic data capture, cell tower inspections, live speed boat races. You name it and we've most likely done it.

We aim to please, with safe, legal data / video capture.


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